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May GOD Bless and Watch Over our Police, Fire and EMS in these trying Times!!

The Foundation's 1st ever Virtual Event
To Fund the 2021 Scholarships (click here)

Link to 2020 College Recipients (click here)
Video Message announcing the Scholarship winners (click here)


 What we accomplished in 2020 So Far:
 Presented $30,000. worth of Scholarships
 to 15 First Responder Children

 What we accomplished in 2019:
 Donated $2,500 to Fire Departments
 Presented $32,000. worth of Scholarships
 to 16 First Responder Children

 Donated a 2019 Police Motorcycle to
 York PA Police Department

One of the Winning Graduates - Congratulations.

- Everyone -
Help the foundation provide more scholarships!
Start a Fund Raiser - or go talk to you favorite restaurant
and get them involved with the September Round Up.
Help US help you and your families.

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What We Do
We Assist First Responders across the United States.
Born After the Events of 11 September.
Our Goals are:
- Never Forget these Events!
- Second is to provide Scholarships to Children of Active Duty First Responders.
- Third to provide assistance with funds, manpower, resources when we can.
- - This totally depends on assistance from YOU.
Check out our Charity Events or Please Donate Today
Help us, Help First Responders Now!
Memory for the season. Flying the 100 Flags Sept 11, 2009 (click here to remember)
The Foundation does not have any paid staff or employees - we are 100% VOLUNTEER


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